role reversal

At my house, roles are reversed.  My husband gets the boy ready for school, makes baby purees, cleans the house, attends kid pick up at the school, and takes care of our baby girl.  I get up, help him get the kids fed and dressed, then I put myself together and go to work.  I pay the bills (by pproviding the money and by physically paying the bills).  I do the menu planning and the grocery shopping.

 We never sat down and had a discussion about roles and responsibilities.  I like being in charge, so I take control of anything that involves decision making for the family.  I like to put together our weekly menu , because I want to decide what we are eating all week.  I pay the bills, because I want to be in control of where our money goes.  Both of these are responsibilities I love and hate.  Most days, I don’t feel like sitting down to actually write out a weekly menu.  I hate the part of budgeting where I have to actually pay the bill.  But its worth it to me to be abl eto make these decisions.

Lucky for me, I have a very relaxed husband.  He doesn’t care if I want to decide whats for dinner every night.  You know why?  He gets to make decisions on how our kids are raised.  And what they will have for lunch.  And what activities they do all day.  That is more than enough decision making in a day for him. 

Part of me wants to give some of my responsibility up to him, but I can’t bear to lose control.  It’s hard enough to go to work each day and leave him to his own devices.  The control freak in me would really like to put together a daily schedule for him to follow with the kids.  I’d love a lesson plan to be hung in the kitchen for him to follow.  A daily menu complete with nutrition info posted would make me giddy.  I’m pretty sure H would not hae it, though.  He would put his foot down.  ANd when the man who lets you make all the decisions puts his foot down about something, you listen.  It MUST be important if he is making a big deal about something.

How does everyone else break up their responsibilities around the house?  Am I the only one who feels the need to control every aspect of our household?


the good life

I thought this might be a good way to get to know a little about me!

Honeymoon 2007

Puerto Rico

after a long hike through the rainforest to a little waterfall

The H contemplating life on the beach in Culebra. Going to this little island was the highlight of our trip

San Juan

dinner out at a restaurant in Isla Verde, Carolina

Magnificent snorkeling beach on Culebra Wildife Preserve


Mommy of a Monster

Are you ready for this?

Working Mom.

Stay at Home Dad.

I think this blog will be all kinds of crazy.

Last year, my husband and I decided that all the time and energy he spent at work was not worth the $50 (not really that low, but it felt like it) we made after childcare expenses. So he quit his job to stay at home with the kid (back then we only had one little wild man) and go back to school. Well, I guess all that free time we had together was pretty productive, because we made a baby that March. Now he’s a SAHD for two kids. Life is great. Crazy; but great.

Now he is in college and he’s at home with the kids all day.  I sit in an office and talk to people, then come home and moonlight as a student.

What have we gotten ourselves into?